An unapologetically masculine fragrance, paired with skin nourishing avocado butter, coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil and activated charcoal. Colored with mica.  This glossy offering will have you sniffing the package long before you open it!

No two of these soaps are alike.

All soaps have seasoned for 8 weeks prior to being made available to the consumer.

Artisan Soap --- Man Cave

  • These are cold process soaps and no lye remains in them after saponification and seasoning.  They are handmade and no two are alike. Weights vary a small amount but minimum weight is listed as the weight of the soap. Limited runs of each type. Once they are gone there are no more of that soap. Each is "polished" (rinsed in hot water, and allowed to dry) and sealed in Shrinkwrap, at the end of their 8 week rest cycle. Soaps colored with micas will see the color wash off and down the sink. It will not stain the skin.