Beginning Aquaponics

make space for that top
silicone lid in place
install 1" bulkhead
re-install grow bed with bulkhead to
Small green house from TSC
Blue gill
draining grow bed
easy option for seedlings
Install the seedlings
2 weeks later!
Moving the system
Rainwater conservation
Trying to be a good woodworker girl!
Emptied the greenhouse to configure adequate bracing for NFT system
NFT tubes mounted, now to plumb.
NFT's for growing strawberries
two of 4 grow beds and insulated fish tanks .
Decided to plumb the IBC's together and only use one pump
2_ flow between tanks, but can be separated in case somebody gets sick in either tank!
planting in August for winter
Strawberries in November!
Strawberries year 'round
300 tomatoes by the end of spring
Learning about cucumbers and squash